Facebook, part the fourth

Continued from part the third.

I spent another hour talking to Facebook support again today. The support team I've managed to reach thus far doesn't specialise in security. They can't directly help with 2FA, but they're pretty creative in their approach to problem-solving.

Unfortunately, once again, they were unable to resolve the problem.


The only way to reach the security team, apparently, is to ‘report a problem’ from your Facebook profile. You know, the first thing I tried two weeks ago.

Also, this Facebook Support team is unable to pass tickets over to that Facebook Support team. They don't even have any means of contacting them.

As near as I can tell, those reports just get dropped into a black hole. It’s been two weeks since I first reported the problem that way and I’ve yet to receive so much as a ‘your message is very important to us.’

Oh, also… My author page has been locked because someone reported me as impersonating someone. The fact it happened within one minute (literally within 60 seconds) of me posting a complaint about Facebook on Facebook is purely a coincidence. Today’s support tech talked me through submitting a report of being falsely reported for impersonation. So far, I’ve received no response on that ticket either.

Continued in part the fifth.

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