Facebook, part the fifth

Continued from part the fourth.

I'm at my wits' end. Trying to unf*%k my Facebook account doesn't seem to be working. I tried setting up a new account. But that didn't work either.

I searched for a professional who could help. The only one I found who seemed to understand the problem just suggested I *buy* an existing Facebook account on the black market – which is a definite no from me.


So now I'm wondering… Are any *legitimate* services out there that will set up a brand new FB account for me and get me set up to run ads to my store? I'd need them to set it up and then hand the reins over to me. Because I've no idea what else I can possibly do to resolve this.

I have money. I'm willing to pay. But I'm not prepared to do something massively illegal.

I'm unable to advertise so I'm pouring money down the drain with my Shopify store as no one knows it's there.

I desperately need a resolution.

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