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Written by Elliott Hay

All Tea, No Shade, and a Bit of Murder (ebook)

All Tea, No Shade, and a Bit of Murder (ebook)

knitting, tea, gossip … vengeance

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Murder’s never been such a drag.

In vibrant south-east London, a group of grannies stand guard. Baz, Peggy, Carole, and Madge bring new meaning to the phrase ‘femme fatale’: they knit, drink tea, and dole out death to keep their community safe.

When a distraught drag queen rattles their bones with news of a missing friend, the ladies brush off retirement for the obvious path of action: take down the so-called ‘Rainbow Ripper’. With a killer stalking the streets in search of society’s most vulnerable, the body count is on the rise – and so is the women’s thirst for justice.

But with suspects around every corner, Baz and her friends might just be stumped for the first time.

Only one thing is certain: the ladies will do whatever it takes to stop the Rainbow Ripper. Including murder … but only after the tea is finished.

All Tea, No Shade and a Bit of Murder is the second book in the Vigilauntie Justice series. This cosy(ish), noir(ish), comedic crime fiction with queer themes will delight fans of Killers of a Certain Age and An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good.

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When I published my first book in January 2020, someone at work laughed and asked me when I was going to quit my job. 

There's this perception out there that authors are wealthy people. And I'm sure the big names (e.g. Richard Osman, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, etc.) are doing just fine.

But it's not like that for indie authors. It's tough out there. There are great, amazing things about being an indie author. But most of us aren't making bank.

You know who is making money out of books? Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

You may have noticed a move in recent years of indie authors selling their books directly to you. There's a reason for that. 

If you buy a book for 0.99 from Amazon, the author gets to keep maybe 0.26 of that. Maybe. It depends on the file size. And they won't even get that for around 3 months. But if you buy a book from an author for 0.99, the author gets to keep around 0.83. And we get that money within days.

Because that first book I mentioned? Four years later, it hasn't come close to paying for itself. 

If you can't buy direct, libraries are a great way to get books for free while still helping authors get their fair share. 

Customer Reviews

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Another great read in the Vigil Auntie series.
Relevant cosy noir that is full of sharp righteous characters standing up against the ignorant angry greedy and murderous.

A great addition to the series

I really like the concept of this series, and this book delivers. The characters are all interesting, but very different, and I feel like I'm starting to get to know the Aunties better, especially Baz. The idea that drag queens are targeted for violence is all too realistic, and there are some very unpleasant individuals, but the author manages to keep the tone light.As a fan of both Douglas Adams and Dharma Kelleher, the references to them made me smile :)

If you enjoyed any of the others in the series, or the Starship Teapot series, I'm sure you'll love this one too.