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A sneaky little peak

Just for you … from Si.

Sneaky peek… A documentary

From Frozen Heck (Starship Teapot #4)

‘What?’ Since leaving Earth, far too many of my contributions to conversations amounted to a single unhelpful syllable. Though, now that I thought about it, I may not have done much better on Earth.

‘She.’ Henry paused. ‘Is not.’ She paused again. ‘An inn—’

I swatted her words away with a flick of my wrist. ‘Yeah, I heard you the first time. I’m just having trouble processing what you’re telling me. How can she be this … this … shifter monster? Are shifters even real?’

Bexley bumped her hooves together excitedly. ‘Oh, I watched this really interesting documentary one time about how shifter molecular biology works, actually. It’s really interesting the way … they … no. Hang on. I think that might have been porn. Never mind.’

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