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  • Friends in Need (a Vigilauntie Justice short) by Elliott Hay

    Friends in Need

    a Vigilauntie Justice short
    by Elliott Hay

    What will these grannies do when murder’s not an option?

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  • Past Imperfect (a Devon Island Mars Colony short) by Si Clarke

    Past Imperfect

    a Mars Colony short
    by Si Clarke

    Isolated on Mars, anyone could start going stir crazy...

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  • Date vs the Doll (a queer cosy horror short) by Si Clarke

    Dare vs the Doll

    A standalone cosy horror
    by Si Clarke

    Who expects a haunted doll to be such a nuisance?

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  • Jurassic Dark (a Starship Teapot short) by Si Clarke – ebook

    Jurassic Dark

    A Starship Teapot short
    by Si Clarke

    There’s something in the dark … but is Lem’s imagination worse than reality?

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  • The Unveiled Lady (a Vigilauntie Justice short) by Elliott Hay – ebook

    The Unveiled Lady

    A Vigilauntie Justice short
    By Elliott Hay

    What’s a bit of blackmail between friends?

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  • Bright Future – a diverse and inclusive sci-fi anthology

    Bright Future

    Diverse and inclusive sci-fi

    Spaceships, space stations, and distant planets. Stampeding elephants, a talking dog, and a hungover captain without a ship. An ensign far from home, a stowaway, and a pair of runaways.

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