Livid Skies

Having escaped Earth as a deadly pandemic took hold, autistic scientist Devon and her fellow colonists are hoping for a fresh start on Mars.

Mars isn’t exactly hospitable to the newcomers, though. With the weight of loss hanging heavy on them, they must overcome their differences and find a way to survive as they adjust to life alone on a hostile planet.

The group – 150 women and 10 men – are determined to get it right this time. Their society is peaceful and diverse. They accept one another’s differences and prioritise sustainability over short-term gain.

Scarcity of resources means they can’t have fully automated luxury gay space communism – so they strive for partially automated social liberalism.

But things aren’t always what they seem and maybe the colonists aren’t as alone as they thought.





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The cover for Livid Skies was designed by Rejenne Pavon.

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