An older White woman holds a finger to her lips. Text reads: top secret.

A sneaky little peek

Just for you … from Elliott

Sneaky peek… Wild ideas

From All Tea, No Shade, and a Bit of Murder (Vigilauntie Justice #2)

Madge shook her head. ‘I don’t know. That man has some wild ideas in the bedroom.’

Peggy bit back a chuckle as Baz was taken by a sudden coughing fit.

Madge continued undaunted. ‘I don’t mind a bit of play – you know, sexually. But there are some things a lady won’t contemplate. Deeply disturbing proclivities. Unseemly.’ She flicked her fingers as though some filth clung to them before leaning over her knitting to pick up a cinnamon roll.

Baz was still coughing.

Peggy touched Carole’s knee. ‘Would you get Baz some water, please, love? I’m worried she might never recover.’

‘Of course.’ Carole was on her feet in an instant. ‘For drinking or bathing?’

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