An older White woman holds a finger to her lips. Text reads: top secret.

A sneaky little peek

Just for you … from Elliott

Sneaky peek… Bluebird Sofa and Shady Diana

From All Tea, No Shade, and a Bit of Murder (Vigilauntie Justice #2)

A queen with a large blue wig done up in a 1940s style roughly shoved De Pfeffel aside. ‘All right. That’s enough from you, Mr Johnson.’ She twirled around so everyone could admire her flower-printed dress with its full skirt. ‘I am actually your host, Bluebird Sofa. And while we all know I’m the one you’re here to see, we also have some excellent performers for you to look forward to.’

Bluebird waved at a plus-sized Black queen in a big blond wig. ‘The lovely Shady Diana, Princess of Whales.’ She put an emphasis on the H that left no ambiguity as to Wales the country or Whales the outsized ocean inhabitant. ‘And lastly, we have a queen you may know. Give it up for Coco Celeste!’

The crowd broke into applause as the curtains at the edge of the theatre space parted and a petite queen in a red evening gown appeared.

Peggy almost knocked over her lousy coffee when Madge slapped her elbow, hissing, ‘Look who it is!’

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